We are the most environmentally friendly gerbera grower in the world. This is a bold statement, but we stand by it. Our nurseries do everything they can to use energy, water and CO2 in a better and smarter way. And we go even further! .

Environmentally friendly flowers

We have the lowest CO2 emissions per flower, compared to other nurseries. Heating and lighting in the greenhouse all have an impact on CO2 emissions, as does the cultivation method of flowers. All flowers produce CO2, some more than others and this has an effect on climate. Thanks to our large cultivation area and the fact that we grow very large quantities per flower variety, we make sure that our gerberas have the lowest possible CO2 emissions. Speaking of CO2 … we get this as waste product from OCAP. Our plants absorb the CO2 and convert it into oxygen themselves! We help the plants to stay healthy by giving them a little fertiliser with water. Any water not used by the plants is then collected and stored. Once it has been decontaminated, we can reuse it. This is how we make optimal use of water and eliminate water waste.

Transparency in
everything we do

The environmental, quality and social aspects of Colours of Nature are reflected in our certificates. MPS-A provides transparency in our fertiliser, crop protection use, energy and waste. MPS-SQ, GRASP and MPS-GAP demonstrate that we provide a good social climate and working conditions and that we work with a quality management system. MPS-Product Proof gives a clear guarantee that we are working with the correct, approved pesticides for gerberas. But it doesn’t stop there. At customer level, we also have certificates from Walmart, Sedex and Chain of Custody (COC).


Huge energy

All Colours of Nature nurseries have a combined heating and power system (CHP). This allows us to generate our own heat and electricity and deploy it at the right time. We also buy geothermal heat source in De Lier and we use energy screens at all our nurseries. What is the benefit of this? More heat remains in the greenhouses, which results in enormous energy savings.


Whitefly, thrips, spider mites, leaf miners and mites have been controlled organically for years. Organic pest control is increasingly effective due the amount of different pest controls and the correct use of pesticides.


Collaboration is in our DNA and that’s why it’s not unusual for us to work together with our customers to create a concept or packaging. We developed a sustainable flower sleeve by working closely with one our customers. Are you interested in collaborating with us too? The possibilities are endless! Please contact us.

Sustainable collaborationfor over 14 years

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