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Colours of Nature has been operating as a cooperative for 14 years. The secret behind our success is a solid foundation, comprised of our pillars: unique collaboration, assortment strategy, large batches, flexible and fast, service and quality.

Servicefast & personal

We are able to thrive as a cooperative organisation thanks to good and personal contact with our customers. We make our customers’ needs our priority. Colours of Nature always keeps a certain amount of fresh stock at the HortiHub on the flower auction site. This allows us to respond quickly to market demands. Since our growers are located near the flower auction, we are able to react to our customers’ requests quickly so that the flowers can be delivered to the auction on time.

Large batches225 million gerberas

Each year Colours of Nature harvests and processes as many as 225 million mini gerberas, with which we supply the retail sector in Europe. Thanks to our combined strengths and focus on large production units we are able to achieve the very best production results. This goes hand in hand with a more efficient use of labour.

Qualitythe basis of everything

For the Colours of Nature growers quality comes first. To ensure the very best quality, a regular quality manager checks the flowers every day. We conduct stability tests in our own flowering room to ensure that the mini gerberas meet the expected shelf life.

Assortment strategymakes us unique

Perhaps the thing that makes Colours of Nature so unique is the cooperation for distributing the assortment. In the past, each mini gerbera grower had at least 50 varieties at their nursery, which didn’t make for efficient production and processing.

Thanks to our intensive collaboration, each nursery can focus on two or three main varieties and our sales department can still offer a wide range of colours. As a result, we can grow more efficiently and respond well to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Colours of Nature also boasts a number of (exclusive) varieties which have been developed in collaboration with breeders. Our assortment committee regularly visits the breeders to see the new varieties, which we then test to check their shelf life, production and quality. Following this testing phase, which usually takes a year, we know whether a new variety adds value for our customers and, by extension, for our assortment.

Flexible & fastlogistical perfection

Flexibility and speed are two important factors when it comes to logistics. The Colours of Nature sales department is committed to serving the customer as quickly and effectively as possible with regard to processing last minute orders and resolving any issues. The sales and planning departments are organised centrally and always have direct contact with the grower.

Colours of Nature works with regular logistics partners. This ensures that we can deliver our mini gerberas to the customer at any time. Our products can always be traced back to the source using track & trace.

Collaboration9 nurseries, 32 ha.

The six members of Colours of Nature manage eight different nurseries, totalling more than 32 hectares. Together we are the biggest supplier in the Netherlands. Our goal is to give our customers complete peace of mind when it comes to ordering and delivering gerberas. To make this possible, we brought the sales and administration departments of all the individual growers under one joint name and organisation towards the end of 2014.

The Colours of Nature growers have no secrets from each other and they do everything to take every company within the cooperative to the next level. We not only help each other in terms of sales, but also in all aspects concerning purchasing, the assortment and quality improvement. Even when reflecting on business performance all figures and results are compared with each other.

Bouquet processingthe finishing touch

The mini gerbera is a graceful product, but it is also sensitive to transportation and handling. That’s why we have our own bouquet processing location close to our nurseries. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can deliver a top-class, fresh product to the customer with as little handling as possible.

For years, and in cooperation with our partners, we have been supplying to supermarkets across the whole of Europe using our store concepts. Every year, more than 4.5 million bouquets now find the shortest way to the consumer in this way.

Successful cooperation For more than 14 years